Swiss AviationTraining (SAT) will formally surrender its rights and entitlements as a Maintenance Training Organisation on 31 December 2016 and will transfer the management and conducting of all its technical training to Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) with effect from 1 January 2017.

Your new contact for booking your training will now be

Lufthansa Technical Training


Phone: +49 69 696 2751

Thank you for the confidence and trust that you have placed in Swiss AviationTraining, and for the long-standing partnership we have enjoyed with you to date. We look forward to continuing our tried-and-trusted collaboration with you and LTT.

Lufthansa Technical Training

Cabin emergency evacuation trainer CEET A32X

Cabin emergency evacuation trainer CEET A32X


TFC Käufer. Germany


  • Operation of doors and exits in the normal and emergency modes.
  • Passenger handling and crowd control training
  • Evacuation procedure training
  • Emergency procedure training
  • Decompression procedures training
  • Crew resource management training

In service since

April 2016

Simulated aircraft

A319, A320 and A321

Simulated cockpit

Animated Primary Flight Display PFD,  Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor ECAM

Cabin layout

  • 32 economy seats
  • Forward and aft
  • (forward and aft) Lavatory



  • 3 main doors (A319/A320/A321) with virtual outside conditions
  • 1 functional overwing exit RH (A319/A320)
  • 1 dummy overwing exit LH (A319/A320)
  • 1 electric simulated main door with malfunctions (A319/A320/A321)
  • 1 flightdeck door with code access and camera system


1 virtual slide, 1 permantently inflated (slide fitted on door 2L)



  • Cockpit escape rope
  • FSB & N/S signs
  • Pilot call & emergency call
  • PA, call & interphone system cabin & cockpit
  • Fully working surveillance system & door lock system
  • Emergency & exit lights
  • Oxygen mask drop out
  • Cabin pressure
  • Evacuation signal
  • Emergency equipment
  • Three trolleys
  • Pilot incapacitation training
  • Flight phases: Taxi, T/O, climb, cruise & descend
  • Special effects: push back, acceleration, reverse thrust, ground brake
  • Video & media system: airbus chimes, flight, panic, FCM, events


  • Door & handle blocked
  • Door heavy & easy jam
  • Decompression
  • Door assist fail
  • Nose, left, right & main gear fail
  • Hard landing, belly landing
  • Ditching
  • Runway overrun

Smoke system

Oil based, Hat Rack & Cargo 3R

Instructor station

1 touch screen