Swiss AviationTraining (SAT) will formally surrender its rights and entitlements as a Maintenance Training Organisation on 31 December 2016 and will transfer the management and conducting of all its technical training to Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) with effect from 1 January 2017.

Your new contact for booking your training will now be

Lufthansa Technical Training


Phone: +49 69 696 2751

Thank you for the confidence and trust that you have placed in Swiss AviationTraining, and for the long-standing partnership we have enjoyed with you to date. We look forward to continuing our tried-and-trusted collaboration with you and LTT.

Lufthansa Technical Training

Cabin emergency evacuation trainer CEET A330/A340

Cabin emergency evacuation trainer CEET A330/A340


TFC Käufer Germany

Door manufacturer



  • Operation of doors and exits in the normal and emergency modes.
  • Passenger handling and crowd control training
  • Evacuation procedure training
  • Emergency procedure training
  • Decompression procedures training
  • Crew resource management training

In service since


Simulated aircraft

Airbus A330, A340

Cabin layout

  • 37 economy & 6 business seats,
  • Aft & forward Galley
  • Lavatory


  • 4 main doors
  • 1 emergency door


  • 1 permanently inflated (slides fitted on door 4 L)
  • 1 slide in disengage-position


  • Video System & Media Player
  • EVAC Signal
  • Fasten seat belts (FSB) & No smoking (N/S) signs
  • Pilot Call & Emergency Call
  • PA, Call & Interphone System
  • Emergency & Exit Lights
  • Oxygen mask drop out
  • Pilot Oxygen mask (full-face, working airflow)
  • Emergency equipment
  • Pilot incapacitation training


  • Door blocked, handle blocked, power assist fail
  • Cabin pressure signal
  • Decompression

Motion system

fixed base, set at original aircraft height

Smoked & fire system

Oil based, Cockpit, Door 1 L, Hat rack, Galley, FWD & AFT

Instructor station

2 touch screens & 1 Computer