Swiss AviationTraining (SAT) will formally surrender its rights and entitlements as a Maintenance Training Organisation on 31 December 2016 and will transfer the management and conducting of all its technical training to Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) with effect from 1 January 2017.

Your new contact for booking your training will now be Lufthansa Technical Training.

Thank you for the confidence and trust that you have placed in Swiss AviationTraining, and for the long-standing partnership we have enjoyed with you to date. We look forward to continuing our tried-and-trusted collaboration with you and LTT.

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Compliance management

Compliance management

Compliance management is the management of all the various actions and precautions that an organization must take to ensure that it meets all the relevant legal requirements and all its customers’ demands. Needless to say, at Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) this is a cornerstone of our business and activities.

Our Training Centre has been certificated as an EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and it also holds an ISO 29990 certificate.

To maintain its high performance standards and ensure its own further continuous improvement, LAT operates under a management system which has been approved by various authorities all over the world including the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). LAT also regularly reappraises this system via frequent audits by itself and by outside bodies.

LAT also passes on its management systems expertise to other air crew and other interested organizations.


File namesort descending Category Date
BBT Anerkennung Höhere Fachschule Approval/Certificate (Organisation) 15 May 2013
BLS-SRC certificate Approval/Certificate (Organisation) 03 Aug 2016
CARC MTO Approval - Jordan Approval/Certificate (Organisation) 23 May 2014
CASA Part 147 approval - Australia Approval/Certificate (Organisation) 31 Aug 2015
Confirmation of Acceptance as FSTD Qualification Certificate Holder Approval/Certificate (Organisation) 02 Feb 2015
FATA Certificate - Russia Approval/Certificate (Organisation) 02 Feb 2015
FOCA ATO certificate - Switzerland Approval/Certificate (Organisation) 24 Oct 2016
FOCA/EASA Part 147 approval - Switzerland Approval/Certificate (Organisation) 17 Feb 2016
HKCAD approval Embraer 190 technical training - Hong Kong Approval/Certificate (Organisation) 14 Mar 2014
ISO 29990 2010 IQNet certificate (English) Approval/Certificate (Organisation) 19 Apr 2017