Swiss AviationTraining (SAT) will formally surrender its rights and entitlements as a Maintenance Training Organisation on 31 December 2016 and will transfer the management and conducting of all its technical training to Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) with effect from 1 January 2017.

Your new contact for booking your training will now be Lufthansa Technical Training.

Thank you for the confidence and trust that you have placed in Swiss AviationTraining, and for the long-standing partnership we have enjoyed with you to date. We look forward to continuing our tried-and-trusted collaboration with you and LTT.

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Full-flight simulator Boeing 777-300ER

Full-flight simulator Boeing 777-300ER


Manufacturer CAE, Montreal 
In service since August 2015
Approval standard CS-FSTD (A)
Certification level D
Approval authority Swiss FOCA
Computer host Comkit 2 Linux PC
Motion system CAE 600 Series, 6 DOF
Visual system Tropos 6222 XR 
Field of view 180 x 40 degrees 
Simulated engines GE90-115BL
Additional information AIMS BP V17.1, Aircraft performance BP 2.1, EGPWS, TCAS 7.1