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Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications


An organization should communicate professionally, accurately and timely by giving information to families, stakeholders, the community and the news media. Only senior executives and trained crisis communication spokespersons shall be assigned public appearance duties and the task of conveying statements related to crisis management and the company response.

Main Topics Handled

  • Generic Emergency Response
  • Crisis communication fundamentals
  • Conceptual design and communication plans
  • Internal and external communication channels
  • Social news media
  • Media relations
  • Media conferences
  • Internet websites
  • Internal media team and duties
  • Coordination of communication performed by Senior Management
  • Facilities
  • Documentation

How you will benefit

  • Participants understand how the news media functions and the communication strategies of local and state responders as well as of partner organizations.
  • They will gain a clear understanding of their own role within the internal media team and the priorities to be given to the various communication channels.
  • They will be confronted with various scenarios and possible reactions.
  • Do’s and don’ts, case studies, and lessons learned from the experiences of partners and competitors will be reviewed and discussed.
  • Learning the importance and operation of suitably equipped Media Center facilities will trigger comparison with the participants’ own installations and processes.

Designed for

  • Senior Executives
  • Emergency Directors
  • Heads of Crisis Management Teams
  • Media Spokespersons at Head Office and abroad
  • Local Sales representatives
  • Specialists likely to be exposed to the media (e.g. Chief Pilots, Branch Office Managers)
  • Deputies