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Humanitarian Response (Special Assistance)

Humanitarian Response (Special Assistance)


An organization should master the numerous challenges of an emergency in order to assist directly and indirectly affected persons, their families, relatives and friends over a period of weeks and months. A team of dedicated, skilled, empowered and regularly trained volunteers shall comply with their needs, requirements and wishes.

Main topics handled

  • Telephone Enquiry Center: enquiries, return calls
  • Care: emotional and logistical care, traumatic stress, self-care
  • Communication principles
  • Family Assistance Center operations
  • Family briefings
  • Codeshare aspects
  • First necessities
  • Personal effects handling
  • Repatriations
  • Facilities
  • Documentation

How you will benefit

  • Participants understand the emotions and the human dimensions in a crisis and disaster environment and acquire the skills and know-how to deal with specific situations, including the role of cultures and religions.
  • Participants are briefed regarding the roles and responsibilities of authorities involved and learn the processes related to passenger manifests and commonly used forms.
  • Do’s and don’ts as well as lessons learned from numerous Special Assistance Team deployments will be reviewed.
  • Analyzing plans of suitably equipped Special Assistance Centers and of Telephone Enquiry Center facilities will enable participants to evaluate their own installations effectively.
  • The necessity of self-care, including debriefings and defusing, will be made clear.

Designed for

  • Heads and Team Leaders of Special Assistance Teams
  • Heads of units involved in Telephone Enquiry Processes
  • Heads of crew units involved in supporting affected crew members and their families
  • Deputies