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Fear of flying seminar

Fear of flying seminar

Are you one of those people for whom flying is not a pleasure but is more of a worrying experience, or even an ordeal? You’re not alone. Fear of flying is often the result of a formative earlier experience (such as a particularly turbulent flight); and in some cases it seems to get worse and worse, until the sufferer gives up air travel altogether. It’s a fear that can be conquered, though, as has been shown by both studies into the phenomenon and the success rates we’ve achieved at Swiss AviationTraining with our weekend “fear of flying” seminars.


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Seminar venue/language

The weekend seminars are held in German at Zurich airport (Kloten). There are 6-12 particpants per seminar. The seminar fee is CHF 1200 including meals, seminar documentation and flight. The seminar is led by Bettina Schindler, psychologist FSP ( ), in co-operation with Swiss International Air Lines, Edelweiss Air and Swiss AviationTraining. Interested parties, who would like to attend a French or English seminar, have the opportunity to participate in a seminar in Geneva. More details  on

Seminar programme (Saturday)

  • Psychology (introductions, triggers and symptoms of fear, a closer look at fear as a phenomenon, breathing and relaxation exercises)
  • Lunch break (Lunch together)
  • Technology (Explanations by a pilot and a flight attendant, a closer look at flying and flight safety,visiting an aircraft on the ground, questions & answers)
  • Psychology (Exercises to transform negative thoughts)

Seminar programme (Sunday)

  • Preparing for a flight (Mental exercises, pre-flight discussion, relaxation exercises)
  • Flight (joint flight to a destination in Europe, short stay at the airport, return on the same aircraft)
  • Closing session (Preparation for future flights)


  • Overnight accommodation (not included in the seminar fee)
  • Participants can take advantage of special rates at local hotels around Zurich Airport.