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Introductory Module: Identifying customer needs and reflecting on behaviour

Introductory Module: Identifying customer needs and reflecting on behaviour


  • To appreciate the importance of customer focus in practice and its influence on business success
  • To reflect on customers’ needs, fears and expectations and thereby promote an appreciative relationship with them that enhances their loyalty and trust
  • To further develop communication skills so as to handle any complaints in a way that benefits both the customer and the company
  • To appreciate the importance of social and personal skills in any customer relationship

Module 1

General Introduction (15 min / must-element)

Trainers introduce themselves. Participants introduce themselves and state their expectations. Communicate goals and structure of the day. Explain and formulate course agreements.

Introduction to the topic (30 min / must-element)

Find parallels between the company and aviation and use these to determine the company’s motivations for putting such a focus on a customer-minded approach.

Module 2

Knowing and appreciating our customers (25 min / must-element)

  • What is a customer?
  • What inner attitude do I have when I deal with my customers?

Who are our customers? Make a distinction between internal and external customers, and develop a joint understanding and appreciation of this.

Our company's market positioning and image (20-60 min / must-element)

  • Identify our market position and strengths via the Marketing Mix (The Five Ps: Product – Place – Price – Promotion – People).
  • Develop an awareness that encouraging your people to adopt and maintain a customer-minded approach can help give you a vital edge over your competitors.

Our customers’ expectations… and fears (60 min / must-element)

  • Draw parallels between customers’ expectations and fears at an airline and in a service company, using examples from the aviation world.
  • What does this mean for our day-to-day work? What will happen if customers’ expectations are met/not met, and if their fears prove well founded/unfounded?
  • Show ways in which the company’s personnel can influence this.

Module 3

Generating customer loyalty and our personal and social skills (30 min / must-element)

  • Present the four skills areas of technical, methodological, social and personality skills.
  • Show the importance of social and personality skills alongside technical skills. Familiarize participants with the key service skills, and encourage them to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses

Module 4

Active listening (15-30 min / must-element)

Familiarize participants with the active listening method, with example-based exercises.

Complaints: opportunities, too (30-45 min / must-element)

  • Devise a complaints handling model.
  • Encourage participants to regard the professional reception and processing of a complaint as an opportunity to tackle the issue in a way that benefits both the customer and the company and thereby enhances customer loyalty.

Tensionless language (30 min / must-element)

Practise using tensionless and appreciative language (including choice of words) in customer contacts, with examples from daily working life.

Module 5

Handling complaints: some practical exercises (60-90 min / must-element)

  • Use concrete examples from the participants’ own working lives and the aviation world to apply and practise using the tools that have been acquired in the course of the day so far.
  • The roleplays here can be conducted in the classroom or in a cabin mock-up. Repeat training is also advised, to consolidate learning success.

Module 6

A tour of the SAT training facilities (30 min / recommended)

A visit to various training facilities at SAT (though it may only be possible to view a flight simulator from the outside)

Module 7

Lunch in a cabin mock-up (90-120 min / recommended)

Conduct a real inflight meal service with freshly-delivered Business Class meals for a SWISS long-haul flight, to train service-mindedness.

Module 8

Transfer to daily working life (45 min / must-element)

  • Reflect on own behaviour and use the findings and conclusions here to formulate personal goals.
  • Get the group to devise joint desired values and norms of behaviour for all dealings with customers.