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Low Visibility Operations (LVO)

Low Visibility Operations (LVO)

Airbus A320
BAe 146 / Avro RJ
Embraer 135/145/Legacy
Embraer 170/190/Lineage

Fog, low clouds and heavy precipitation all may require a lower minimum descent altitude to ensure a safe landing. Lack of low visibility operations approval may result in otherwise unnecessary diversions and disruption to scheduled operations. The SAT Low Visibility Operations course introduces the flight crew to the technical, meteorological and procedural requirements along with other important information required as part of an operators Low Visibility Operations (LVO) certification.




After the course the participant states general low visibility regulations, detailed aeroplane and airport technical knowledge and specific take off and approach procedures to enable a safe and efficient flight under low visibility conditions.

Regulatory compliance

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  • EASA AMC1 SPA.LVO.100 ff Low visibility operations
  • EASA AMC1 SPA.LVO.120 Flight crew training and qualifications
  • ICAO Doc 9365 AWO Manual
  • ICAO Doc 8168 PANS-OPS Aircraft Operations
  • CS-AWO All weather operations

A certificate will confirm the attendance of the course.


The CBT and classroom course contains the following topics:

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction

  • LVO regulations
  • Characteristics and limitations of different weather phenomena (fog, precipitation, ice,...)
  • Effects of specific aircraft system malfunctions
  • CAT II/III operation minima and related normal and abnormal procedures
  • Qualification requirements for pilots to obtain and retain approval to conduct low visibility operation
  • Written examination

Flight Simulator Training

  • Different LVO take offs, approaches under normal and failure conditions
  • Practise of hybrid or HUD/HGS systems if the aeroplane is equipped with


  • E-learning, classroom review and examination 4 hours
  • Flight simulator session: 4 hours plus briefing/debriefing