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Train the trainer (SVEB)

Train the trainer (SVEB)

The seminar is aimed at both instructors and trainers teaching in the “classroom”, as well as those working with training equipment. The three parts are particularly suitable as basic trainer training. Trainers with teaching experience have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and to try something new in a protected environment.

Please note that the course is conducted in German.


Our course provides instruction in the following areas:

  • Planning, executing and assessing training content for adults
  • Supporting group learning processes
  • Using diverse presentation techniques
  • Interventions in learning groups
  • Reflecting on the individual understanding of learning and training

Topics part 1 (4 days – 26.5h)

  • Fundamental principles of learning psychology
  • Methodology / didactics
  • Presentation techniques, use of teaching aids
  • Effective planning and structuring of teaching units
  • Reflecting on the personal learning process

Topics part 2 (6 days – 40.5h)

  • Assess and qualify
  • Giving a prepared practice lesson
  • Communication and group dynamics
  • Practice lessons as experienced by participants
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Putting what has been learned into everyday practice
  • Reflecting on the personal learning process

Topics part 3 (4 days – 26h)

  • Moderation structure
  • Moderation exercises with structured reflection and feedback
  • Difficult situations in everyday teaching
  • Negotiating skills
  • Course assessment
  • Personal transfer project
  • Reflecting on the personal learning process

Certificates of competence

Active participation in the course group and proof of at least 80% attendance. Regular reflection on the learning process by writing a learning diary and a short written assessment of the learning process towards the end of the training.

Practical demonstration: planning and giving a practice lesson.


TTT1 corresponds to the “Teaching & Learning” module according to the EASA basic requirements for aviation trainers (EASA PART-FCL).

On successful completion of the training (TTT1 to TTT3), participants receive a “Train the Trainer” certificate. This certificate is proof of internationally recognised trainer training, such as is required, for example, for Crew Resource Management (CRM) trainers and CRM instructors (EASA Part-OR).

For the "SVEB certificate” (stage 1) qualification, participants must prove they have a minimum of two years of practical experience and at least 150 hours experience conducting teaching events.

Learning time

  • 93 hours course attendance
  • 165 hours individual study

The maximum class size is 14 participants. The courses are generally offered with two instructors. This improves the level of individual support and of the training quality.

Admission requirements

The course is suitable for participants interested in basic training in preparation for work in the field of adult education, either as part of a company or as an individual. If unsure of suitability, an individual consultation can be arranged.


  • TTT 1: CHF 2100.00
  • TTT 2: CHF 2400.00
  • TTT 3: CHF 2400.00